Pannexins in Health and Disease

The Pannexins Program grew organically, initially through casual scientific exchange between Project leaders, before maturing to experimental collaborations. Besides the fundamental question of how this channel mechanistically regulates various physiological processes, our key interest in these channels stems from the linkage between altered expression of Panx1 in human patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and airway disease. Leading to the UVA Pannexin Team addressing the function of Panx1 and attempting to understand its relevance and potential therapeutic utility for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.


Main Projects

The UVA Pannexin Team is focused on four projects: Project 1: Pannexin Channels in Atherosclerosis and Inflammation; Project 2: Role of Pannexins in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells; Project 3: Pannexin 1 in Regulation of Adipose Tissue Inflammation; and Project 4: Mechanisms of Pannexin Channel Activation in Physiology and Cell Death.

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Eva Chiu received IGJC

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Principal investigators who have been recently published and received awards.

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Dr. Ulrike Lorenz

Latest News

The Pannexin Team at UVA, as part of the Program Project supported by the NHLBI, has 4 Projects and 3 Cores. All of the project leaders and core directors are faculty members in the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

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