Congratulations to Chris Medina – MIC Outstanding Student

March 27, 2020 by School of Medicine Webmaster

It is my pleasure to announce that Chris Medina (from the Ravichandran laboratory) has been selected as the the 2020 MIC Outstanding Student, and will be the MIC Graduate Program’s nominee for the Peach and Hungerford Awards. Please join me in congratulating Chris!

In addition to Chris, there were five other exceptional students who were nominated this year.
Alyse Frisbee (Mentor: Bill Petri)
Beth McKenney Melsom (Mentor: Melissa Kendall)

Carol Rowley (Mentor Melissa Kendall)
Mahmoud Saleh (Mentor: Bill Petri)
Aditi Uphadye (Mentor: Coleen McNamara)
The committee, composed of six faculty members of the MIC Academic Advisory committee, was unanimous in their belief that all six candidates are truly outstanding young scientists. Indeed the faculty of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology should be very proud of all of this year’s nominees. Please join me in congratulating each of the nominees (and their mentors) for contributing to the quality of the research in our Department!